May 18, 2013

  • Panic Button

    “Mommy, can you come fix the download part?”
    “My LeapPad isn’t downloading.”
    “I don’t understand.”
    “I just bought some games, and they aren’t downloading.”
    “I bought four games, and none of them are working.”
    Four games?
    “Stretchy Monkey 2 (because I already have Stretchy Monkey 1), Dinosaur Invasion, Dinosaur Invasion 2, Sugar Bugs 1 and Sugar Bugs 2.”
    “Theo, that’s five games!”
    “Oh.  Sorry.  Five, not four.”
    Theo, did you just spend eighty dollars on LeapPad games?!”
    “Yeah, I needed more games.  But they’re not downloading.  Can you come fix that?”
    “Well, I just clicked on the button that said, ‘Add to cart,’ and then the one that said, ‘Complete this tralacket.”
    “Oh.  Transaction.”
    “Okay, Theo, it looks like you didn’t buy any games.”
    “Aw.” :pout:
    “Theo, that’s very good news for you, because if you had, you’d be in big trouble.”
    “But . . . but . . .”
    Theo.  If you ever try to buy games without permission again, I’m throwing your LeapPad in the garbage.”
    “Yes ma’am.  But . . . but . . .” [crying]
    “NO BUTS.  You just tried to steal our money.  When you use someone’s money without permission for yourself, it’s called STEALING.”
    (“Uh, Mom, technically it’s embezzling.”
    “Isaac, go find your brain.  You left it somewhere again.”)
    “But, Mommy [bawling] . . . that’s our money.  It’s not just yours.  It’s the family’s!”

    Why did I ever teach these people how to speak?

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  • The new perils of technology and kids. Gotta feel for Theo – how long before such complex understanding kicks in and how many trials on the path? Lucky for him he has you to ease him over the bumps.

  • When he gets here, we’ll just have Theo and Cady swap Leappads from time to time. Boom, double the games.

    I’m so glad he didn’t succeed at downloading the games!

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