February 12, 2013

  • And With All Thy Getting . . .

    I love this:

    Lehigh alum sues college over bad grade

    I love so many things about it.

    I love that a student who graduated with a masters degree and who found gainful employment because of it is suing because it wasn’t the degree she wanted or the career she planned on.

    I love that a student who received a full-tuition scholarship for undergrad and graduate school, because of her father’s employment there, is suing the school for not adding a GPA benefit to the tuition benefit.

    I love that a grown-ass woman is endangering her father’s career because she can’t hack it in her own.

    I love that Lehigh continued to pay her tuition benefit and to employ her after she sued them, and that she saw no problem with admitting that on the stand.

    I love that, as one of my good friends pointed out, this petulant and vindictive woman is suing to be able to have a career in counseling

    I love that she thinks anyone will want to employ her after this public temper tantrum.

    Mostly, I love that I have such a perfect example to point to when people ask me the difference between getting a degree and getting an education.

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