August 10, 2009

  • The Movers

    We had a modestly sized house in North Carolina, and we’re not hoarders.  We moved to NC in a 14-ft U-Haul twelve years ago.

    Stephen rented the 26-ft U-Haul for this move.  I was a little appalled to think that, yes, we probably do own that much Stuff.

    Our buddies came early Saturday morning to help us move.  By 10:30, after two hours of serious lifting and moving, the truck looked like this:


    Our stuff was packed up in there pretty tightly, and most of the big stuff was in.

    Stephen and I both started saying things like, “We didn’t need this big a truck.  That was silly.”

    By 4pm the next day, this is what the truck looked like:


    Mmm-hmm.  “We don’t have that much stuff.”  Yeah.  I hear ya.


    There it was.  All packed up and ready to go.  Almost every inch of the 26-ft trailer used.

    I just want you all to know that all Christmas and birthday presents from here on out should be consumables.  Because we are now implementing a Volume Displacement Acquisition and Dispersal Program (V-Dadp for short).

    Everything we own will henceforth and forevermore be required to fit into that 26ft trailer.  If you give us something, be prepared for us to jettison something of equal volume.  Just so’s you know.  There is no way we are embarking on the Methodist system of itinerancy with any more Stuff than this.

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  • Ha! I hear ya on all the stuff!

    When we moved from PA to MS two years ago, we went from a 4br/ full-basement house with a detached garage and shed to a 3br/ no basement house with falling-down garage and chicken coop. We sold *a lot* of furniture and junk to be able to fit everything into a 17′ truck (plus a stuffed Suburban with a bike rack and all clothes and bedding in suitcases in the roof pack). It was insane. By the night before, we realized that we had forgotten a whole section of the basement and a bunch of people who said they were coming to pick stuff up never came. There were almost 50 bags of trash on the curb because of all this forgotten stuff (it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. – Fortunately, we found out a neighbor went and picked through everything and gave a bunch of stuff away, but we didn’t know that was coming when we drove away.) My dh had actually measured-out a section of a room in our old place the size of the truck, so we would know exactly what would fit. We were amazed that we actually had room to spare! Turns out, we forgot to get all the garden tools out of the shed. *blush*

    We have vowed that we will only ever move ourselves if we can fit everything in a 17′ truck. If we can afford movers (and packers), we *might* consider moving more… maybe.

    Glad you had a safe, positively-eventful move.

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