July 23, 2009

  • Knitter’s Wish List

    So, no WIP Wednesday yesterday, because I haven’t been knitting much this week.  Lots of packing, lots of writing, lots of calling and arranging and planning and figuring.

    And then there was the Quicken Mismatch of Death, about which I will have to tell you some other time.  (I’m still recovering.)

    What I have been working on, though, is a knitting pattern.  Hints, pictures, and descriptions require Top Secret–Family Only clearance, I’m sorry to say.  (Well, I’ve already admitted on Facebook that it’s a shawl.  Otherwise, TSFO clearance applies.)

    But it got me to wondering: all you knitters out there, what patterns are you looking for?  Do you ever sit down and think, “What I really want is . . . “?  What do you really want?  Unusual but easy baby blanket?  Bulky braided sweater?  Funky socks?  What do you wish existed that you can’t find?

    What I secretly want is a top-down, V-neck, fair isle cardigan with waist shaping.  I can find lots of patterns with three of those five things (say, a top-down, boat-neck fair isle pullover with no waist shaping), and a few, even, with four of them (a plain top-down, v-neck, waist-shaped cardigan, say).

    But no luck on all five.  I doubt adding in a sixth qualifier–”in my colors”–will help.

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  • As a new knitter, I have really appreciated patterns that include the skills required to complete, so I can judge whether or not I will be able to tackle the project. Looking forward to seeing your pattern. 

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